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Monday, August 3

What happens to Afghani and Iraqi refugees when they come to America

Afghani and Iraqi translators working for the US Military are in great danger in their home countries. They are hated more than the occupiers. The US issues Special Immigrant Visas for interpreters and their families. "Sam" is 31 years old and was an Afghani translator. He has an engineering degree from Kabul University. He now works in Churches Chicken for $700/month in Kansas City asking folks if they want regular or spicy.

Another refugee, Ahmadi who is a friend of Sam's can't rent an apartment because he has no money, no job and no social security card. They can't return to Kabul because their lives would be in too much danger.

If it wasn't for the kindness of Janet Dean, these men and their families would be homeless.

Read "We are not just refugees."

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