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Friday, August 28

Vacation Time!

Yes, it's time for my vacation.

Where will I go? Exotic foreign climes?

Well, yeah, if you consider deepest, darkest Alabama "exotic" and Memphis, Tennessee "foreign."

In other words, dear readers, it's time for a Road Trip!

Here's the basic itinerary: Pensacola, Mobile, Montgomery, Birmingham, Huntsville, Memphis, Fayetteville, St. Louis, Nashville, Chattanooga, Atlanta and then home.

Yep, a lot of pranging about in my Auto-MO-beel. While on my travels I expect to visit spots like the Parthenon replica, the Gateway Arch, Lookout Mountain, the National Civil Rights Memorial and others.

The lynchpin of the vacation will spending Labor Day weekend in Memphis attending a convention known as Mephit Furmeet, billed as a furry convention where those interested in promoting the anthropomorphic genre can exchange ideas. Now, don't start going all CSI on me - there will probably be very little of that kind of shenanigans. I'm going because I'm currently writing for that genre (on the Spontoon Island website, a great anthology site for stories and art) and I've never been to one.

I will, of course, be taking pictures.

Will I be going to Graceland while I'm there?



Because Tennessee has laws against desecrating graves, and that's the only reason I'd ever go to Graceland.

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