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Wednesday, August 5

Paranoid Glenn Beck Fan makes Beck paranoid.

A couple of days ago, a Long Island woman who was armed was caught taking pictures at the Air National Guard facility near Westhampton, NY. She was not only a gun nut but was looking for FEMA concentration camps. Turns out she was a Glenn Beck fan (according to her MySpace page) and a paranoid one at that. Beck spent weeks telling his fans that he couldn't debunk the FEMA camps story and then eventually debunked it. Perhaps some of his listeners missed that. I kind of laughed at that part because there were people during the Bush years equally as frightened of the FEMA camps and they didn't even have anyone on the television touting the conspiracy.

Glenn Beck while still condoning the radical right got on the air after this story broke to urge his followers not to resort to violence....but not until he got them all outraged about the country going into the toilet. Sheesh.

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