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Wednesday, August 19

Outrage Fatigue Again

You just can't trust corporate news. Most people can't tell the difference between opinion and actual news because there are no boundaries. We have one of the stupidest, most uniformed population going. I'm totally fed up with the health care debate because most ignorant among us are making all the noise and may ruin it for the rest of us.... all thanks to commentators on the news channels who don't even bother to challenge those who have the facts wrong.

The Democrats, the idiots, are willing to concede rather than debunk the untrue rumors. To hell with bipartisanship. Worst of all is that gun toting protesters are allowed within a mile of Obama events. Educated and informed protesters couldn't get within 5 miles of a bush event.
How is it that we allow redneck terrorists to control the debate?

Did you see the interview some woman who said that she wants the country to go back to the way it was when it was founded? Hmm. She wouldn't even have a say if that were so. Wonder if she ever heard of Susan B Anthony.

I have outrage fatigue. I don't even know what to say to people anymore and I tend to get rude when they display such ignorance... willful ignorance and proud of it!

And how can our country be both socialist and fascist? If I were a newscaster/commentator, I'd be compelled to explain the difference to my guests.

It almost seems like a conspiracy.

And how is your summer going? Mine is great otherwise... as long as I don't think too much.

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