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Tuesday, August 25

Heart Attack On a Plate

KFC is test marketing a new "sandwich"- The Double Down. It's bacon, two kinds of cheeses and sauce between two pieces of fried chicken (instead of bread.) It may have 1228 calories, but it's not confirmed. It's only available in Nebraska and Rhode Island at the moment.

I dunno. I like fried chicken but not sure I'd want all that crap with it. Well it's not on my diet anyway. I don't think I would have attempted to eat that when I was fat. It seems kind of messy to eat a sandwich made of fried chicken instead of bread. It's screaming for a fork.

Some seem to think that KFC has gone too far. But it's a free country and we can choose to watch what we eat or not and face the consequences. I know that first hand. It would freak me out if the government banned certain food combinations although I believe that the calories of one of these babies be prominently displayed.

What do you think?

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