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Wednesday, July 22

Too many conspiracy wackos on the news lately. Hurts my head.


On July 17, Kitty Pilgrim guest hosted Lou Dobbs Tonight and debunked the "birthers." On July 20th, Lou Dobbs was back on the air questioning Obama's credentials. Does he watch CNN?

More at Media Matters.

Watch Jon Stewart take down Lou Dobbs. Jon Stewart to Lou Dobbs: 'Do You Even Watch Your Own F-ing Network?!'


According to nutjobs in the media and in congress, Obama never produced a valid birth certificate... this conspiracy theory is being played all over the media and even in congress (someone should make a clause that congressional members be of sound mind).

I can't believe that Lou Dobbs is allowed to spew this nonsense on CNN since his colleagues have debunked the conspiracy. You can expect such comments from Faux News however. None of these wackjobs had a problem with the fact that McCain wasn't born in the US so I am led to believe that this is politically and/or racially motivated. Is it just possible that the GOP needs the wacko wing of the party so badly that they are playing along with this?

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