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Wednesday, July 1

Relationships, Culture, Romance

Newsday reports that Mark Sanford had a tryst on Long Island. Ah yes, it's very romantic here and most of us (well not most, but many) have trysts... but this story about him with his lover girl/soulmate is actually quite romantic if you ask me. He also admitted that he crossed the line with other women. I don't know why he feels the need to disclose so much information. I suppose he is just trying to get it out there before the press (which should be investigating real news) does it and makes it sleezy.

Then I read this story Why Politicians Cheat On Their Wives and I don't really think that they cheat more than regular guys... but the article seems to convey the idea that power corrupts... well yeah, and so does a big ego and/or an unhappy marriage.

Then I read this story Ooga Ooga! Men Overspend to Attract Mates and while I think it's irresponsible for a guy to piss away a whole lot of money to impress a gal and put the rest of his life on hold for what might turn out to be a fling... I believe that a guy who never opens his wallet is meant to be alone. I wouldn't give it all up for a cheapskate.

Men Agree Who's Hot, Women Don't. Men like thin, seductive women and women like all sorts of different things about men. Yawn. What else is new? Try to guess what I think is hot about a man.

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