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Monday, July 13

Science vs Religion

Gov Rick Perry of Texas appointed a creationist, Gail Lowe to chair the State Board of Education. She is actually the most moderate of social conservatives under consideration. She has stated that she thinks the study of evolution is important but has voted against text books that don't thoroughly explain the weaknesses of evolution.

  • The Texas Freedom Network sees the Lowe appointment as the minute improvement that it really is. The organization's president Kathy Miller released the following statement:

  • It's disappointing that instead of choosing a mainstream conservative who could heal the divisions on the board, the governor once again appointed someone who repeatedly has put political agendas ahead of the education of Texas schoolchildren. Ms. Lowe has marched in lockstep with a faction of board members who believe that their personal beliefs are more important than the experience and expertise of teachers and academics who have dedicated their careers to educating our children and helping them succeed. We can only hope that she will rise above her history on the board and as chair keep the board from continuing to hold the education of our children hostage to divisive 'culture war' battles.
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Americans are so dumb and will believe anything.

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