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Thursday, July 30

New Wrinkle in Health-Care Debate, by Randall W. Forsyth, Barron's

(sorry - couldn't resist the pic!)

Could taxing cosmetic procedures help generate the needed trillion bucks to pay for Obamacare?
THE UGLY TRUTH in the health-care reform battle has been its expense. To pay for the estimated $1 trillion tab that the Congressional Budget Office estimates reform will cost over the next decade, the wealthy have been targeted for higher taxes. But now Congressional Democrats are mulling whether to extend their reach from the merely rich to the beautiful.
Credit for bringing the story to wider attention also goes to the Drudge Report for trumpeting the trial balloon in its inimitable fashion. Drudge's home page featured photos of Vice President Biden and his hair implants and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with wide eyes, unfurrowed brow and taut jawline not typical of most grandmothers.

Nothing wrong with cosmetic surgery. Hey - If I had the money -- I'd like to be able to hide the truth that I'm getting old and wrinkled. Once you hit 50, it's really depressing looking in the mirror. I have noticed that it's really not so bad when I take my reading glasses off though.

Losing that up close, sharp vision may not be that bad after all.....

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