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Wednesday, July 1

Many Bangs, No Whimpers

Yesterday marked a milestone in our relationship with Iraq.

No, we haven't left yet - we're not that lucky.

Apart from small training cadres, we have pulled our troops out of the cities (a day early too), an occasion marked by fireworks and jubilant Iraqis dancing in the streets. It was also marked by a number of car bombs and suicides that have killed scores and reminded people that peace and order are still very fragile things in Iraq.

But it's no longer our primary task; that task is now shouldered by the 650,000 troops of the new Iraqi Defense Forces. I wish them well, so we can get the hell out of there.

As for the violence, don't listen to idiots like Feith, Cheney and Fox News - the violence was expected no matter when we left Iraq. We kept a lid on things, first by overwhelming force, then by paying Danegeld to the Sunnis so that they'd stop shooting at us and start shooting at the salafi jihadi groups that we lumped together in our simplistic way as "al-Qaeda in Iraq."

General Ray Odierno was on the news and refused to say how many troops are still based in the cities, but took the time to dip into the Two-Minute Hate on Iran (now that the protests are suppressed and we can go back to hatred and fear of the mullahs in Teheran).

Meanwhile, in a shadowy conference room, dark forces have gathered ...

To bid on Iraq's oil fields! Yes, indeedy! Just because the SOFA demands we leave Iraq doesn't mean that the oil companies can't start capitalizing on the secondary real reason we invaded Iraq.

What was the primary real reason, you ask?


We invaded Iraq in order to make George W Bush feel like a man, of course.

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