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Tuesday, July 14

I love the smell of burning white men in the morning

Good lord, you have to at least see the headlines at Media Matters this morning. White men in the media have come unglued over the Sotomayor nomination. O'Reilly and Buchanan feel that their male whiteness is threatened. Beck thinks the country is crashing and burning. (Nice Catholic boys too.) The network MSM is repeating the nonsense spewed forth by the white racist pundits on cable news. The sad thing is that if you casually bring up Sotomayor to regular people you meet, they repeat the talking points- she's an activist, she'll put Latinos before whites, blah blah blah... they act as if one supreme court judge is going to send America to hell in a handbag.

If anyone is going to criticize her in the press, they ought to bring up legitimate reasons rather than fear mongering.

The Senators are going after Ginsberg while crying about Sotomayor as if white men's views of the world are the only legitimate ones. Story at Alternet

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