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Thursday, July 9

I know YOU are, but what am I?

The nature of temptation
Why those who speak against vice so often fall for it.

Excerpt: The study of how we form opinions of our own moral worth is a budding field, and it suggests that the human mind works in powerful, subtle ways to make hypocrites out of all of us - especially those who hold themselves in the highest moral esteem. People who inveigh against a vice in others are often themselves fixated on it, and more likely to succumb to its allure. And, the research suggests, virtuous deeds are often a form of penance for thoughts a person is ashamed of.
It's best not to brag about how good you are... you are setting yourself up for a fall. That seems to be the big problem with conservatives and why they turn out to be such major hypocrites... especially the ones that criticize those who have affairs or fight tooth and nail against homosexuality. When you look back at the Clinton years and the Lewinsky affair you find that the most outspoken opponents of Bill Clinton were very much involved in extramarital affairs themselves. Turns out the most ardent critics of homosexual marriage have dabbled in gay sex. The "real America" has the highest divorce rates and the most teenaged pregnancies. Projection anyone?

How about when a friend or lover dumps you for someone else and tells you how absolutely fabulous things are with the new person and how bad things were with you.... don't brag because before long things will be going straight down the tubes. Pride comes before the fall.

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