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Thursday, July 9

I just wish Palin would STFU and go away

I don't hate Sarah Palin. Never did. I was just appalled that John McCain brought her into the limelight because she had so very little to offer, she was incoherent and she was being billed as a "woman" when in fact she was not very womanly at all. She was the anti-woman, the anti-mom and worst of all, she condoned shooting wolves with automatic weapons from a helicopter... hell that isn't even very manly. What made my head hurt was that she was touted as some sort of family values candidate. Hmmm. I would have made a much more credible family values candidate as would many of my liberal friends who put our families and children before our ginormous egos. In fact whenever I hear "family values" being tossed around by talking heads in the media, I can now automatically assume that we aren't talking about "family values" at all!

Sarah Palin resigned and spoke like a defensive teenager- never making a point. Now that MJ is dead and buried, the media can't stop talking about her. I can't keep the news on TV for more than a few minutes without being nauseated. She feels that she was being picked on. I wonder if she ever paid attention to the media attention Hillary Clinton had to deal with? Palin's attention never even came close to the scrutiny the Clinton's received and Palin was far more deserving because what she said never made sense or was very far from the truth. What's more is that the ethics violations being investigated against Palin were from REPUBLICANS in ALASKA except one that came from a DC group. Yeah, it was costing Alaskans tax money to investigate her, but the complaints came from her own party in her own state. It had nothing to do with the main stream media because they freaking love her.

While I was flipping the channels last night, it was being discussed that if Palin ran for president in 2012, 43% of Americans polled said they would vote for her. I'm sooooo disappointed in my fellow Americans. Did we not learn that having an incoherent boob in the white house for 8 years is a disaster?

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