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Wednesday, July 29

Another one bites the dust

Another married Republican who advocated for abstinence stepped down because he had an affair with a 22 year old intern. That would be Tennessee State Senator Paul Stanley.

He has said that "unmarried people shouldn't be having sex." I suppose he felt that he was exempt because both he and the young women were indeed married (but not to each other.) It just seems to this blonde that acting holier than thou and keeping your head high while looking down your nose at others, you are surely going to trip and fall flat on your face.

This is getting so tiresome. American people by now should note that if a candidate touts "Family Values" and abstinence only, it should be a signal that this candidate is/was/will be having an illicit affair and is a total hypocrite. You know who has "Family Values"? Those who don't talk about it. It's just like the "Christian Coalition". It was anything but "Christian."

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