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Tuesday, June 23


Don't you find it odd that the wife of missing SC governor Mark Sanford is not worried that he hasn't been heard from in days? It's being reported that he went hiking. Sure. And this is supposed to be the GOP frontrunner for 2012, the man who fought stimulus spending for his state?

Isn't it absurd that Donald Rumsfeld put talk about Iraq "off limits" when being interviewed for a book? What else is there to talk about? Bush doesn't want to talk about Iraq either. Hey, you started it and you own it, fellas.

House Republicans are such whining, blabbering babies even when they get what they want... even when they were in power... they never stop crying and the liberal media eats it all up. I can't turn on the tv without wanting to puke.

If more than half of tax paying US citizens want health care reform, why is there one Democratic politician on the air talking about it for every 2 conservatives attacking it? The liberal media is just eating this shit up.

If you're on the terrorist watch list, you can't get on a plane, but the government will allow you to buy firearms and explosives. That makes sense.

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