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Wednesday, June 3

Running Away from Themselves

A few days ago, twittering from Auschwitz no less, former House Speaker and former human Newt Gingrich tossed his puppy biscuit to the lupine masses of the GOP Base by calling Judge Sonia Sotomayor a racist.

Now Gingrich is backpedaling on it.

Bill O'Reilly, darling of Fox News (a/k/a the GOP Propaganda Wing) has for many years been vilifying Dr. George Tiller for being a murderer and equating him to a Nazi (among other noisome things). All of this served to rile (or would that be "O'Reilly?") up those people who might contemplate violence, with the result that some twisted little God-botherer put a bullet into Dr. Tiller's head.

Now O'Reilly's starting to backpedal, saying he only "reported" what others were saying.

I would say that this marks a new low in conservative hypocrisy, but digging into that is like an archeological expedition - every time you think you've hit bottom, all-new depths are plumbed.

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