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Thursday, June 18

Rant of the Day: The Health Insurance Private Sector Stinks

So I paid almost $30,000 for an operation in March because my insurance company denied the claim. They have also denied any claims for subsequent follow ups and for complications due to the surgery.

If I was destitute and on medicaid, the government would pay for every single operation, follow up visit and medication even if my illness was terminal and hopeless. In fact most of what medicaid pays in health care is for the very elderly at the end of their lives. Millions upon millions of dollars are pissed away every day for the destitute elderly. I am paying for that out of my taxes and I am not complaining. I plan to give away everything I have so that I can qualify for medicaid too.

If I was over 65, I'd automatically qualify for Medicare and get adequate hospitalization and have doctor visits taken care of. If I had the balls to run for public office, I'd get government health care for life even if I only served for 2 years.

Alas I am out of work, can't find a job and I'm at the mercy of the pathetic excuse for a health plan that Paul's company provides. They take plenty of money weekly from his paycheck yet they automatically deny each and every claim that I make. Nice. I could sign up for Healthy NY which I got for my son who is out of work but I can't afford to pay for the two of us.

So what is it with those politicians who are against single payer health care? Socialism? First of all, no one is talking about national health care (which would be a fabulous idea). The private sector sucks because they put profits before patients... and all these so called "values" politicians are linked to the health care industry or big pharm in one way or another. Does the press report that? nope.

When I go out in the world I actually come across all these lovely "christian" Republicans who repeat the political mantra that socialism is bad and single payer health care is wrong. I ask them about Medicare and will they use that one day... well sure. So what's the big deal if I offer to pay for it NOW? No answer. I like to remind "christians" about how very unchristian they truly are and why I am happy not to be one anymore. I prefer to associate with people who give a shit about each other and look out for the other guy. I think it's more humane to be a non christian these days.

Former pResident Bush said he wouldn't criticize the current president but did anyway. His statement is foolish and ill informed. It is based on talking points that are aimed at the most ignorant of his base:
“There are a lot of ways to remedy the situation without nationalizing health care,” Mr. Bush said. “I worry about encouraging the government to replace the private sector when it comes to providing insurance for health care.”
There are not a lot of ways to remedy the situation. He is lying and offers none of the solutions. Who is asking the government to replace the private sector? Why is Mr Bush so terribly out of touch with what is being proposed? People should have a choice in a democracy. If people like what they have, then they can keep it for all anyone cares.

What's worse? Socialism or Fascism? At least socialized countries give a shit about the tax paying citizens and they get something for their money rather than more wars.

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