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Wednesday, June 10

Propaganda of the Deed

In classic Anarchist theory, there is a concept known as Propaganda of the Deed. This is basically the use, by a terrorist (or Anarchist provocateur, or what have you), of physical violence in order to make a political statement or trigger change.

It doesn't usually work, and there are ample historical examples of governments putting the screws to extremist groups and the like after an incident.

Today, in Washington, DC, a man described by law enforcement sources as an 88-year-old white supremacist from Maryland walked into the National Holocaust Museum there (it's across the street from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, if I recall aright) and started shooting. A private security guard and the shooter were both injured, no one was killed.

No one can say we weren't warned about things like this, folks.

The Department of Homeland Security timidly released the results of a report commissioned by the Bush Administration in its waning months that pointed out that economic factors as well as the cold fact that white people will become a minority before 2050 will trigger a surge in the number and virulence of right-wing hate groups and concomitant domestic terrorist activities.

I say "timidly" with great conviction, as the right wing immediately howled and DHS flinched as if it were an abused puppy. Pundits such as Hannity, Limbaugh and the rest of their oleaginous ilk couldn't conceive that anyone, let alone The Big Evil Nasty Gummint could ever dare to tar the innocent and childlike Right.

Yeah, innocent as a newborn baby.

"Baby rat, that is," Bugs Bunny famously remarked when confronted by similar shenanigans.

So, a quick synopsis, if you please:

1. Starting about mid-2008, we started hearing hate speech flung out by conservatives during the Presidential campaign, including at least one shouted "Nigger!" at a rally hosted by Sarah Palin.

2. The volume (both in quantity and decibel level) of screeching invective by the Fringe Right and the so-called "mainstream" Right has done nothing but increase, and all of their denials and mealymouthed "apologies" for their rhetoric are exactly that - mealymouthed. Attempts to explain away the hatred spewed out on the airwaves and cables by saying that "No one is swayed or affected by this" is full-bore, patent leather, 100% Bullshit. If that were the case, Paul Joseph Goebbels would never have been the success he was in Germany back in the 30s.

2a. The amount of eliminationist rhetoric has exploded. This kind of rhetoric compares a certain ideology/ethnic type/religious affiliation/etc. with a dangerous disease, like cancer, and calls upon all "properly-thinking people" to wipe it out.

3. The number of right-wing hate groups has exploded, with a run on the gun industry that has the NRA forced to wear rubber pants in order to contain the amount of semen exploding from their tiny penises. It's getting to the point that law enforcement agencies are finding it hard to obtain ammunition - it's all either being earmarked for military use or being bought up by idiots who honestly believe that Obama wants their guns (News Flash, boys - the Democrats lost that fight, and there's no legislative gun control push on the horizon).

4. Antiabortion-related acts of domestic terrorism have started back up.

5. And now we have the shootings at the Holocaust Museum. For those of you who follow the white supremacist trends in this country, the fact that the shooter is 88 years old would have significance to these idiots. "88" is neo-Nazi code for "HH," and guess which historical figure had an H in his name?

(Hint, just to eliminate a bad guess - it isn't Herbert Hoover.)

I hate to say this, because as an American citizen I have a vested interest in the free speech provisions of our Constitution, but maybe - just maybe - it's time to start cracking down on the terrorists in our own country.

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