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Monday, June 29

A Big New Generation Gap

Pew Research has a poll that reveals there is the largest generation gap since the 1960's... and it's mostly in terms of social values, religion and relationships. The older adults in the survey are 65 and over. It's an interesting study. Read it here.

Young people today say old age begins at 60 which is a far cry from the 1960's when we thought people over 30 were ancient. Young people in the 60's were very passionate about the Vietnam War, civil rights and women's rights. I don't see young people today being as passionate about social justice than we were, but I could be wrong. They are pretty quiet. It seems like the most outspoken people today when it comes to civil rights, women's rights, illegal wars and corporate greed are people in their 50's. I feel a generation gap between myself and many people in their late 60's (which would have been the people over 30 when I was younger.) hmmm .

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