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Sunday, May 24

A Week's Worth of Weirdness

For starters, let's go to the top of the news. Former Vice-President and Supreme Douchenozzle of the Bushite Junta Dick Cheney has been making the rounds of all and sundry, holding forth on the efficacy of nearly drowning people in an effort to extract information. The Dick, as always, has ulterior motives - he's shopping a book deal, and trying as hard as he can to poison any potential jury pool in the event the justice system mans up and starts prosecuting.

He even went so far as to offer a rebuttal (on slim evidence, as even the CIA contradicts him) to President Obama's speech at the National Archives, a venue that had the chattering classes of the Right braying that Obama's trying to destroy the Constitution.

Where were these assholes the last seven years, I have to ask.

Anyway, rightist radio DJ Mancow - well, here's the video. We report, you decide:

Paying attention, Sean Hannity?


Further along in the news, a guy was getting ready to jump off a bridge in China when a 66-year-old man broke through the police lines, walked up to the guy, shook his hand -

And pushed him off the bridge.

No one's dead; the erstwhile jumper fell onto a partially-inflated cushion, and the pusher was arrested.


Used to be the prevailing wisdom about Komodo dragons was that their bites killed not by poison, but through the toxic bacteria in their mouths. Komodo dragons, the largest lizards in the world, eat mainly dead and rotting things and they don't floss, so the theory had some credence.

Well, that theory's been exploded.

It's been reported that the dragons aren't just the biggest lizards in the world, but are also the largest venomous lizards in the world.

You learn something new every day.

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