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Tuesday, May 12

Seeking signs of religious life among the non religious

You may or may not be "religious" but you may have had a truly religious experience while listening to music. I know that I've had moments of transcendence at rock concerts.

Music is much more than what you hear. It inhabits and alters the body, but at the same time has the potential to create disembodied, nonmaterial bonds among individuals that tie them together in memorable, often ritually appealing ways. It is a definitively social and somatosensory experience that can, in some cases, bind American communities together through a shared sense of the sacred, achieved during extraordinary moments of transcendence and regeneration—like those often reported by participants in the revival-like, religious atmosphere of momentary collective musical communities found in jazz clubs, rock shows, and raves, to name only a few. From Sacred&Profane: Wilco Worship and the “Churn” in American Religion

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