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Sunday, May 24


Pelosi may or may not have known about waterboarding and she may have lied about it, but she didn't order it, she's a politician for god's sake and no one expects her to be 100% honest. (Gosh if I had believed for one second that Obama was the second coming, I'd be devastated right now and freaking out. But I'm not.)

If it wasn't enough for the RNC and the GOP to go after Pelosi for possibly covering up their criminal activity, they have lowered themselves to equating the Speaker of the House with James Bond's Pussy Galore, but referring to her as Pelosi Galore. Now that's low. Why not just call her a cunt? That's what they're thinking. They can't debate. They can only demean. I'm not sure that the RNC even has a clue how obvious it is that they are terrified of women. When they try to use humor they fall terribly short... but humor has never been a strong point of a conservative.

Amazingly there hasn't been a backlash from female Republicans over this. They seem to be oblivious to the fact that their men are afraid of them too.... take the hint, ladies.

The bitch in me is thinking of launching a campaign against Newt Gingrich that reduces him to a bathroom joke.

Tangent: Do you have any conservative relatives? At family get togethers do any of them ever try to be funny? Isn't it the most pathetic thing you've ever witnessed?

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