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Thursday, May 21

More Fear Mongering

The Rude Pundit isn't afraid of having Gitmo detainees here in the US. I don't feel threatened either. It's not like we have any successful prison breaks from maximum security prisons. The Dems and Republicans have made it political but they fail to realize that closing Gitmo may restore our standing in the world. The hubris in DC is more frightening than locking up potential terrorists in an American prison.

Meanwhile, even if some terrorist explodes a dirty bomb in an American city, will those affected have enough medical coverage to pay their medical bills?

Speaking of medical bills... this is one GOP talking point to thwart any talk of overhauling health care: "It will lead to the gov't setting standards instead of the doctor who really knows best." And people buy it! Hey if you don't have any health care at all, anything is better. Or you could have really shitty health insurance like I have. I had to pay over $30,000 for a life saving operation this year because my insurance company didn't want to hear about it. Furthermore, no one is trying to make it so that no one has a choice. Right now our employers and insurance companies make the choices. They exist to make a profit. How can we trust that?

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