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Monday, May 4

It's the 21st Century - Where are the Flying Cars!?

Here ya go!
These pictures were taken at the Sun-n-Fun Airshow, held in Lakeland, Florida back in April. The sporty little abortion you see is the Terrafugia Transition, a road-capable aircraft.

I'm very glad that I got some people in the shot, to give you a sense of its scale.

The aircraft engine also provides the power for the road wheels. The guy hawking it told me that its wings can unfold in about 30 seconds, and it's currently under view by both the FAA and the Department of Transportation for air and road certifications.

It's only a two-seater, with very few amenities and no cup holders that I could see. No telling what the gas mileage might be.

But you have to admit it's a sporty little guy, although I can't help but look at it and think of this.

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