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Thursday, May 28

anti-gay ad blitz begins in NY today

The Mormon funded National Organization for Marriage group that reared its ugly head in California to fight Proposition 8 will run 30 second ads in NYC and Albany to warn of the social consequences if NYS allows gay marriage. They don't exactly say what the consequences will be and to date, I have yet to hear how gay marriage will ruin my life as well as millions of other married peoples lives. As a heterosexual married person I would have to say that in fact in won't matter to me. What WILL matter to me is if bigotry take precedence over human rights.

Am I afraid that my husband will leave me and marry a man? It's more likely that he would leave me and marry another woman. Interestingly it specifically states in the bible that divorce and remarriage is wrong and that god would not recognize remarriage unless the other spouse is dead. Divorced christians always ignore that part, don't they?

The NOM group is concerned that their right to be against gay marriage is being violated. No it's not. They can still be bigoted homophobes in church and their homes. They don't have to marry people of the same sex.

I hope and pray that gay marriage becomes legal in NYS and that the bigots fail. I will be quick to remind anyone against this bill who purports to be a christian or is a member of a minority group to stop and think about what hypocrites they are.

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