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Thursday, April 30

The vampires of Facebook --Could it actually be dangerous to connect with everyone you ever knew? by Mark Morford

I don't know who I love more... Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert or Mark Morford

LIZ, this one's for you - (wink wink) - Let's go for a swim, real soon!!
(make sure to read the invisible cable link)

In psychic workshops, they teach you all about cords.

Cords that bind. Cords that connect. Cords that can invigorate as well as consume, excite your spirit and yet also leech life from your very soul, cords made of simple psychic energy that run like invisible cables straight from your heart and your mind and your various energetic G-spots straight out to the world, and back again.

But most of all, they run straight into other people. Or from them, straight into you. It happens all the time, every day, in every interaction you have, psychic energy instantly passing between individuals as you move through the world and through your thoughts and memories and dreams, energy cords established even over long distances, phone calls, handshakes, gropings, co-ed showers, not to mention fantasies, hatreds, unwanted desires and just about everything in between. It's just what we do.

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