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Wednesday, April 15

Texas Gov. Perry Wants to Secede?

Here we have the Governor of Texas, Rick Perry, playing to the extreme base of his party (Republican, by the way) as part of his upcoming primary battle with Kaye Bailey Hutchinson:

So, Governor Perry thinks that Washington's hand is oppressive and Texas won't stand for it any longer.

Sounds quite a bit like a call for Texas to secede to me. It would gladden the hearts of Chuck Norris and Glenn Beck, of course.

Fine and dandy.

Then Governor Perry won't mind it if the Federal Government cuts off all aid to the state.

No more law enforcement grants.

No more Border Patrol.

No more grants for schools or Medicare.

No more FEMA grants.

No more defense contract money.

No more jobs affiliated with military bases like Lackland AFB, Fort Ord and Fort Sam Houston.

No more federal jobs.

No more farm subsidies.

You see, Texas (like many of the other so-called Red States) takes in more Federal aid than it pays into the public coffers in taxes. This is sometimes called Red State Welfare. States in the north, northeast and west (the so-called Blue States) take in less in public aid than they pay in taxes.

So if Texas wants to secede, I say cut them off without a penny. Governor Perry will be driven howling into the street within a year.

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