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Friday, April 10

The Pedophile Church Again

Funny how so many "Catholic" groups are freaking out because Obama is to speak at Notre Dame's commencement this year because he is pro-choice. One group, The American Life League wants Notre Dame to be removed from an official list of Catholic Institutions.

Interesting how so called "pro-life" people don't have anything to say about the lives ruined by pedophile priests. How about the latest from Ireland?
At a Thursday mass in Dublin's Pro-Cathedral, an Irish Archbishop shocked his congregation, which included numerous priests, by exclaiming that a forthcoming investigative report will reveal that over three decades, Irish Catholic priests have abused "thousands" of children.
When I was growing up Catholic, the priest was considered a very holy man who could do no wrong. It's no wonder that they got away with abusing children for parents would believe a priest over their own children. They believed the nuns too. A nun in 6th grade grabbed my bangs and cut them to the hairline for nothing. I was just sitting there, one of the quiet kids in the class, minding my own business when she decided that she couldn't see my eyes, grabbed her scissors and attacked me. My mother didn't say boo to her or the principal because the religious people were always right. It's no wonder that I am still a recovering Catholic.

I'll be very happy when the Catholics get theirs.

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