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Monday, April 6

Let's Review ...

Here we have a guy from Pennsylvania who tried to join the military and got thrown out after he threw a tray at a drill sergeant (and if the military rejects you because you're too violent, hoo boy are YOU fucked up).

This same guy - working, I suppose, and for a decent wage - is spending his money and spare time buying guns and ammunition, and reading such uplifting and inspiring things as and Glenn Beck.

So far, so good. Stay with me now.

He starts saying things about Obama wanting to impose martial law and confiscate guns (something that doesn't appear to have any truth to it, and I haven't seen any legislative push for gun control - the economy, Iraq, Afghanistan, North Korea, nukes, etc. are all somewhat more important, I guess) and inveighing against the Zionists running the government and the Jews running everything else.

Then he starts getting all paranoid, thinking and saying that "They" are coming to get his guns, so he decides, apparently, to take matters into his own hands. So he calls a friend and basically tells him that he plans on dying today, picks a fight with his mother over the dog to draw the police up to his house, then ...

Tragedy ensues.

Dressed in body armor he shot two of the officers as they entered the house, and a third when he tried to save his brother officers. Then he was wounded, and shot himself.

So, let's review.

Here we have a disgruntled, violent, racist, cranky loser with authority issues, body armor and a home arsenal, who reads and listens to a constant spew of paranoiac hatred directed at government and various ethnic groups and was convinced that the Big and Evil Gummint was about to take away his guns.

How many more of these walking bombs are there?

And how many of them are next door to you, right now?

The real terrorist threat facing America today is not people named Achmed or Mohammed. The real threat is people named Bob, Gary and Tim.

And is there anyone who still feels as if they should dispute my assertion that the National Rifle Association should be considered a terrorist organization?

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