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Monday, April 6

Karzai and Women's Rights

There's an interesting conversation going on in the comments beneath the story in the Independent online today: Karzai fights back as storm grows over rape laws

In this article we learn that women (and men) who speak out for women's equality and dignity in Afghanistan are faced with death threats, prison terms and even death sentences. Some women say that the legislation recently passed by Karzai legalizing rape between and husband and a wife is worse than the Taliban. Karzai supposedly doesn't really support this legislation but passed it in order to appease the Shia minority.

Why are we sending our young people to die in that country? Should we just ignore Muslim customs and ignore women's rights while fighting in a Muslim country to supposedly save it?

I vaguely remember when they were trying to sell us the war in Afghanistan back in the fall of 2001 that they were showing how terribly women were treated there. It appears that almost 8 years later, things are possibly worse since we intervened.


Speaking of the lack of equal rights in countries where our kids are dying... how about this story? Six gay men shot to death in Iraq by tribe members

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