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Tuesday, April 14

Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish

Did ya hear? Certified nut-job Phil Spector was convicted of second-degree murder today. Well I say halle-fuckin-lujah! It’s about damn time. The man walks out of his house, gun in hand, tells his chauffer “I think I killed somebody” – and manages a mistrial first time around. Thank god this group of jurors had the sense god gave geese. Now please lock the bastard up and throw the key into the nearest sewer.

For years Spector got away with terrorizing people (mostly women) with his hugantic collection of guns. Complaint, after complaint, after complaint – all ignored because, well, that’s how rich celebrities are treated in L.A. They literally get away with murder (a la O.J.). Finally a conviction. Poor Lana Clarkson can finally rest in peace - her murderer brought to justice.

Amen for that!

One more thing.....I know it's strange - but that's what my psycho brother looks like - wild hair and all. I've written about him (Blood and Honeysuckle). First time I saw Spector, it was like someone walking over my grave. My brother is (was?) 15 years older than me. I'm hoping that like Spector, he's in jail - or better yet, burning in the deepest depths of hell. Lest you think this churlish of me - I recommend reading the above chronicle. Some people deserve whatever hell god or man can devise.

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