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Wednesday, April 8

Glen Beck - FOX news - and NOW Alex Jones is on the scene???-- HOW CONVEEEENIENT

Glenn Beck and the rise of Fox News' militia media -- by Eric Boehlert

Who's Alex Jones? Even according to some conservative bloggers, the anti-government, anti-Obama talker is a "freak" who's popular with "the tin foil hat crowd." Like with Poplawski, apparently.

Jones might be a "freak," but he has recently been embraced -- and mainstreamed -- by Fox News, as part of the news channel's unprecedented drive to push radical propaganda warning of America's democratic demise under the new president.

During a March 18 webcast of's proudly paranoid "Freedom Watch," Andrew Napolitano introduced a segment about "what the government has done to take your liberty and your property away." And with that, he welcomed onto the show "the one, the only, the great Alex Jones," who began ranting about "exposing" the New World Order and the threat posed by an emerging "global government."

"I appreciate what you're exposing," Napolitano assured his guest.

I APPRECIATE WHAT YOU'RE EXPOSING???? What The.....?????? where were you FOX CLOWNS during the gwb years?

Here's Alex Jones "exposing" gwb in 2005

again..... THANK YOU JON for pointing out the obvious

"Pace your Rage" please people.... "we're only 10 weeks in"

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