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Friday, April 17

Better Angels

So. As advertized, President Obama decided not to prosecute the Bush torturers – despite in your hand, black and white evidence that extreme torture took place (all in the name of the United States, doncha know). But that’s OK by Obama. Lock someone in a box with bugs? Fine. Bash some poor son-of-a-bitch’s head against a wall until he loses consciousness? Peachy. All this from a man who ran on the promise that torture would become anathema in America.

So he lied. Big deal, you say. Or perhaps you prefer to parse his promise – to cling to the belief that what promises were made were, in actual fact, kept. Strictly speaking – we DON’T torture any more – right (one hopes)? Oh – we still practice ‘rendition’ – but that’s not US actually torturing – is it? And so what if the Bush tortures escape the justice they so richly deserve. They were just following orders. After all - the Bush ‘Justice’ Department did say it was OK. Permission was given – so how could any of them be help personally responsible?

Then there was that blackmail memo – the one the CIA sent to Obama – vowing removal of any and all intelligence gathering: numerous threats, both gross and subtle. He had to cave, right? I mean – he couldn’t just FIRE the smarmy bastards, and bring back all the people pushed out by Bush appointees......could he? Maybe he could. But then that would make Obama WRONG – and we don’t dare declare President Obama as being in the WRONG – not with all those nasty right-wingers just waiting to pounce. No matter what – he’s always right. Ooops. Bad word. Whatever you do - don’t label Obama as ‘right’ anything. Say he’s taken a ‘progressive attitude towards the past’. Yeah. That’ll work.

Only it won’t. There is a good ‘right’. The difference between ‘right’ and wrong – and President Obama’s wrong on this. He’s wrong and we have to tell him so. Do you really want sadists managing the CIA? I don’t. I want them dug out – root and branch. Torture is evil. No maundering around the subject – it’s flat out evil, and we all know it. Allowing evil people to get away with their crimes only compounds that evil. Look at how we all view Nazi-ism. 60 years after the fact – and the world is still trying to catch and imprison anyone even remotely involved with that nightmare. Why pursue the Demjanjuk case otherwise? To prove a point. Time will never erase that stain – as it shouldn’t regards torture now.

So what point are we proving here? What is Obama telling America when he says we should all just forgive and forget? That no matter what you do – if you do it under the umbrella of government – it’s fine; legal and fine. No one will hold you responsible – no matter how egregious your action. Well that makes me sick to my stomach. And it makes me wonder about Obama. What does he means by this? I can’t help but be suspicious.....and that’s a very bad thing. It begs the question, you see: what is it Obama might do that will need such extreme excusing? Whose nest does he feather? Has the Bush presidency so poisoned the office, it contaminates anyone who sits in that chair? And what makes Obama so different? Perhaps I should be asking what makes him the same. So far (everything in consideration), Obama wins out.....but that margin of goodness just narrowed considerably.

Congratulations, President Obama. You’ve just become the ‘lesser’ evil.

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