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Friday, April 17

Another "distraction" for the folks here in Connecticut

After another tiresome day of job searching, I came home this afternoon hoping to catch a few rays outside on the deck. A beautiful day here in Connecticut! Got the radio out and tuned into one of the Lite FM stations that play long music sets. I wasn't in my chair 2 minutes and the phone starts ringing. I wasn't going to bother getting up to answer it until I realized none of the kids were home from school yet and maybe one was calling because they missed the bus or something. PISS ME OFF it was the National Organization for Marriage calling with a recorded message urging me to call my congress critter about blah blah blah. I just hung up -- I don't even know what they wanted me to call them for. Besides, If I'm gonna call my congress critter today, it will be concerning the bush torturers.

So, I get back outside to the sunshine, settle in my chair, and turned the volume up on the radio. I wasn't in my chair 2 SECONDS when the long set of songs ended and it was time for a commercial break. OMG I think they're following me!!
I shit you not. Listen to the ad that came over the air waves:
#2 under the TARGETED RADIO ADS --WTF!!! -- call my congress critter and urge them to defeat SB 899? WTF is SB 899?
National Organization for Marriage Urges Connecticut General Assembly to Defeat SB 899: Bill Threatens Religious Liberty and Crosses Line into Promotion of Gay Marriage in Schools

I need a lawyer to understand this -- I really don't get it. I'm sure it's nothing more than fear mongering

Have they gone too far or what!


Conservatives who have extra money in this economy to make this non-issue an issue are responsible for the content of this ad

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