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Wednesday, April 8

Adam Lambert owns American Idol

(Hat Tip to M.J.'s Big Blog)

Adam really killed it again tonight on Idol. This guy's a true superstar in every sense of the word. His emotional connection to the material just takes my breath away. Did you hear that Bill O'Reilly 'outed' him on Fox last night? What a bastard. You know O’Reilly did it to try and spike Adam's chances to win. That's amazing on a whole host of fronts – not the least of which is O'Reilly's hubris in believing he has the power to affect such things, and his blatant homophobia in trying to do so in the first place. What a sewer that asshole’s mind must be. May the sands of a thousands deserts fill up his navel! Here's the link (if you can stomach it):

O'Reilly Outs Adam Lambert

On another note....Sorry to have been absent these last few days, folks. It’s been a bad month (literally). I spent last night (or most of it) in my local ER – a traumatizing experience. American health care has really gone for shit - but that's another story. Enjoy the video. Adam had to finesse that note at the end a bit - but it doesn't detract in the slightest from the impact. I’ll be downloading it from iTunes as soon as it’s available.

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