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Thursday, March 12

Wham! Bamm! Thank you, Ma’am!

Say it ain’t so!

The marriage made a few feet short of…somewhere in Alaska looks like it ain’t gonna happen! Bristol and Levi split up! Oh, woe is us!

Okie dokie Alaskan kids. I guess this means you don’t have to listen to that abstinence bull anymore from your local church…OR state hypocritical Governor!

I sure hope Levi sues for palimony. Bristol and Sarah can keep the moose.

Stay tuned, folk! Let’s listen to the terrible noise the Evangelicals, Religious Right and Republican TV and Radio Talking assholes make over this…. (chirp, chirp, ribbit!)

Remember! It’s ok to screw someone’s daughter then leave her if you or your parents are well-to-do Republicans, Religists or any popular right winger.

That sound of silence you hear is the screaming hypocrisy of Sarah Palin, a famous oxymoron.

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