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Sunday, March 1


At CPAC, Rick Santorum said that he hoped Obama's policies would fail, so did Michelle Malkin on CSpan today (but I really don't give a shit what she thinks). The most horrible thing to happen at CPAC was that the conservatives awarded Lush Bimbo with a “Defender of the Constitution” award, which included a document signed by Benjamin Franklin. Oh good god, hold me. The presenter said, "The only way we will be successful is if we listen to Rush Limbaugh!" Do that, idiots, and see if you even have a party in 2 years.

Good god, all I have been reading about CPAC is that they are a bunch of frat boys wishing that this country would go down in flames even though it was their cronies that brought us to the brink. You wonder if they are truly evil or truly stupid. Or both. Both.

My favorites story today is that Rahm Emanuel's strategy is to tell America that Lush Bimbo is the voice of the GOP and that he has said clearly and loudly that he hopes Obama will fail. I think it's a great idea to link the Republicans with Lush Bimbo. Emanuel told Bob Schieffer about Rush's notoriety on Meet the PRess this morning:
"...He is the voice and the intellectual force and energy behind the Republican Party. He has been up front about what he views and hasn't stepped back from that, which is he hopes for failure. He said it and I compliment him for his honesty. But that's their philosophy that is enunciated by Rush Limbaugh and I think that's the wrong philosophy for America..."
Before you get your briefs in an uproar over Lush being labeled the "intellectual force," I believe that Emanuel was dissing the Republican Party, particularly the conservative movement... I mean if Lush is the most intellectual being in the Party... god help them. But then again when you compare Lush to the other rising stars in the party such as Palin, Jindal and Joe the Tax Evading Plumber, I suppose that Rush is the most intellectual of the bunch. ha!

Just to be fair, I hope that the traitorous obstructionists in the Republican Party fail miserably. But maybe that's just my lack of nicotine talking. Maybe not.

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