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Friday, March 20

Rule One of Fight Club

You never, EVER, talk about Fight Club.

Well, apparently, someone has talked.

If the investigation pans out and this is true, it marks a barbaric new low even for the Texas school system - a system already mired in anti-science Luddism that threatens to create entire generations of stupid people.

One commentator said that things like this don't happen - at least, not in school.

But kids will fight. What better way to have them settle their differences by having them beat each other's brains out in a steel cage for the delectation of the staff?

If it's true, my next question is whether there were any bets laid on the contests.

It's another indication of the cultural acceptance of violence in the United States. A few years ago, the correctional staff at the Pelican Bay prison in California arranged one-on-one gladiator matches in the recreation yard between gang members.

One also has to wonder what else was going on at this school (apart from the cheating scandals that led to this revelation).

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