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Friday, March 13

Stewart vs. Cramer -- ONCE AGAIN, Thank you Jon... we the people are truely "indebted" to you.

Another grateful commenter (over at huffpo's post on this -- sorry I can't find their name now) says it best:

The founding principle of America -- in a direct repudiation of the Europe our Founders were escaping --is really that those with access, resources, assets, education, connection and influence (or imaginary divinity) , can't use those tools to purposely -- or forever -- disadvantage those without such tools: That eventually the little people will get a chance to rise beyond their situation on merit, hard work and a society that actually values fairness. And that the government would play a role in making sure this was possible and would resist on the little guy's behalf the re-formation of old, aristocratic behaviors and collusion. 

Good job Stewart, it's a tragedy it fell to you to do the job...because not only did the media fail but the government -- based on Breakfast in America/Contract on America sloganeering simply left the playing field -- and, hence, the citizenry -- unprotected.

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