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Sunday, March 8

Movie Dungeon Time!

Hello, and welcome again to the Movie Dungeon! I have descended into this charnel pit of angst and celluloid last year for a viewing and review of Iron Man, and now I've gone back into it for a 163-minute, $14.50 orgy of self-flagellation known simply as The Watchmen.

I admit now and freely that I haven't read the comic book - oh, pardon me, graphic novel - but I went in without any preconceptions as a result.

Oddly enough, the only truly sympathetic character in the film was the sociopathic 'superhero' Rorschach. He kills and brutalizes his way to a corner of the truth, leaving bodies in his wake.

The movie also brings up a few moral insights - what makes a person want to do good in a corrupt society? How do we avoid becoming that which we deplore even as we fight against it? And is it moral to sacrifice millions for the sake of billions?

The movie's pretty good - sex, excellent music (the movie opens with Dylan's Times They Are a-Changing), ultra violence and cool special effects. There was even some comedy (even though the Comedian - well, watch the flick, okay?)

Rubbing down the fresh welts on my back with liniment, I give The Watchmen four whips.

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