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Wednesday, March 4

Last Supper

I know that with all the pressing news of the world, I shouldn't be thinking about myself... but here's the deal: I only have 4 days left of eating regular food before I fast and then have gastric bypass surgery on Monday. I can't stuff myself like a pig or anything, but I want to have some things one last time either forever or for a long time. I eat salad for lunch but reserve supper for something more tasty.

I do need to have a few beers one last time but since I quit smoking, I'm not sure it's such a good idea because I equate the two, so maybe I'll have my last rum and Diet Pepsi's instead. I won't be able to have carbonated drinks ever again in my life after the surgery. It's really no biggie because Crystal Lite and Vodka works too. But then again if you ever met me in real life, I always had a bottle of Diet Pepsi with me. In fact I am drinking some now. For breakfast. I like unsweetened ice tea though. I can have that without the caffeine. Oh no, I am such a caffeine addict. I guess that's another addiction I will have to quit. Good lord, I will be a saint. Saint Lizzytish.

Saturday I am having a steak cookout with all my friends because I won't be able to have steak for several months. That's my last meal. I had pizza from Mario's yesterday. Not sure pizza will be on the menu for a pretty long time. I made Mexican fajitas on Monday night and it was fabulous. I was thinking of hot wings from Hooter's for tonight. Maybe a good gyro tomorrow night from my favorite Greek restaurant. Easter candy on Friday? Kidding.

What would you do for your last meals as you knew them?

What would you do if you were once fat and then suddenly wasn't fat anymore?

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