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Thursday, March 26

Can you say, adios...boys and girls?

From Mr. Ribbet’s Networkhood:

Good News, Gang!

Lassie rescued Timmy from the well!

Somewhere in the world kittens and puppies are being rescued from trees and pipes and ditches…

Somewhere in the world a very few people trying to make a difference are helping fight hunger…and poverty…and disease…

Somewhere, near Mr. Ribbet’s Networkhood, the mail is only being delivered with a smile, trolleys run on time and all’s well with Lady Aberlin and the world!

In the news today:

Flowers are bloomin'.
The hills ARE alive, with the sound of music.
June Cleaver just got a new gown to wear for breakfast.
Harriet Nelson got a birthday card from Ozzie.
John-Boy finally got his typewriter.
Baby Jessica is doing fine.
The Osmond’s are singing up a storm.
Lawrence Welk just appeared on Howdy Doody...with the King Family.
Wasn’t that song by Dennis Day just swell?
Captain Midnight and Sky King just rounded up a gang of bad guys.
Pat Boone just drank a lot of milk!
Hoppy just headed them off at the pass.
Every night my honey-lamb and I,
sit alone and talk,
and watch a hawk,
makin' lazy circles in the sky.
And I'll stay younger than spring.

And so, as I ride off into the sunset…

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