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Wednesday, March 11

Amazing News

To quote the Grateful Dead, "What a long, strange trip it's been."

I got hired as a correctional officer with the local Sheriff's Office way back in 1986 and got promoted to Sergeant in 1994. I've been at that rank for over 13 years (been eligible for promotion since 1995).

There are a lot of people working at the Jail who've never seen me wear any other rank.

Well, yesterday I get a phone call from the Sheriff's secretary, telling me that the Sheriff wants me in his office at 10:30 "if I have the time."

If I have the time?

Ho ho, it is to laugh.

I got there early, and finally ended up sitting in the conference room with several other people who had also been summoned. The Sheriff, flanked by several department chiefs, congratulated all of us on our promotions. In my case my new rank would be Lieutenant.

I immediately started thinking. For 13 years I've planned out what to do when I made Lieutenant, and now those plans moved up from the "I Wish" folder to the "Action Pending" folder in my brain.

Quite the mental Chinese Fire Drill as the files started getting resorted, I can tell you.

It didn't seem quite real, until I looked down at the Oath of Office form and saw my signature.

Congratulations all around when I got back to work (and three roguish japesters had papered my office).

Happy? You betcha, but you have to recall that happiness is a transient condition. When I get to my new shift I may have reason to become unhappy, in which case I'll need to put certain plans into operation. I can't say I'm unprepared for it, either.

So, Huzzah, Hooray, and Mazel Tov!

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