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Wednesday, March 18

Adam Lambert Redux

OK folks – so what do you think of THIS performance? I’ll give you a bit of a heads up: you REALLY need to listen to this more than once. Seriously. It’s THAT different. Johnny Cash’s version of this song is so ingrained in the general zeitgeist – hearing anything else can be a bit of a shock. You have to get past that to truly watch and listen.

Now I’ll be frank – I really like it. Though not a reality show fan (I tend towards the arts shows – Idol, Project Runway, So You Think You Can Dance) – I’ve been following this particular performers appearances. His name is Adam Lambert – and he’s the freshest breath of air I’ve seen/heard in a long time. But he’s polarizing. His MySpace (or is it Facebook?) page hints that he’s bisexual – but most simply assume he’s gay (some really interesting photo’s surfaced of him attending the Burning Man Festival in Arizona).

Now - I don’t care who he sleeps with (though the fantasy possibilities are truly intriguing). It’s his voice and balls to the wall performance style that’s really hooked me. Adam’s what you call a countertenor – rare under any circumstances – almost unheard of in popular music. Both Freddie Mercury and Steve Perry were countertenors – though they seldom used that part of their upper register – whereas that seems to be Adam’s comfort zone. It’s not a falsetto like Michael Jackson uses. This is his ‘head’ or primary voice (from what I can tell) – and he has a range that rivals Mariah Carey.

Anywho – have a listen and tell me what you think. Would you pay to hear/see him? Does the whole Ziggy Stardust, Velvet Goldmine thing attract you – or does it belong back in 1975?

Oh - and one other thing. I am sick unto death of the homophobic maunderings endemic to this show. Seacrest? Shut the fuck up, already. I’d tell Simon to shut up – but he’s too transfixed on his own sexuality to notice much else (those recent A-Rod pics could easily have been Simon playing at home with his mirror). So back off, already. Most of us out here have absolutely had it. And insinuating Randy Travis carries his own homophobic leanings was just you being an asshole. Don’t tell me you didn’t know there have been rumors about Travis for years. Your nasty-ass remarks only brought them all up again. So shut it, boyo. Trade nasties with Simon on your own time.

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