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Tuesday, February 17

What state do I live in again?

New York. But you'd never know it.

First we get stuck with a governor we didn't vote for. Then he goes on a tax raising binge. Then he gets to pick a kook to fill Senator Clinton's seat. She doesn't represent the sentiments of most New Yorkers (and most live downstate). And what is with all these female politicians who are mommies and advocate for deadly weapons? I wouldn't let my son play at kid's houses where there were weapons.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand told Newsday that she keeps 2 rifles under her bed to protect her house and family. That was on the cover of the paper yesterday. Gun control activists went nuts and today she told the paper that she moved the guns to a secure location. I mean, duh. I wouldn't keep guns under my bed if I had kids.

And one other thing. What the hell is she so afraid of anyway? She lives in upstate NY. There's hardly anyone up there except deer. I live in downstate NY where it is so populated you wouldn't believe it and we are not gun nuts. If we all had guns, it would be a freaking blood bath. Every other person comes from somewhere else and still, we are not gun nuts. English is like the 19th language here and yet still, we are not gun nuts. If the so called terrorists strike again, where do you think they will strike? And yet, we are not gun nuts.


UPDATE on how unpopular Gov Paterson and Sen Gillibrand are in NY from Americablog.

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