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Saturday, February 21

Typing What I'm Thinking To Everyone Reading -- "TWITTER"

I never knew that. I've heard of "TWITTER" but honestly, up until just now, I thought it was a store. I think I must have been confused with "Tweeter". Apparently "TWITTER" is HUGE. Now I am really convinced that I have severe ADD. I am on the computer quite a bit and I've never come across or linked to anything to do with the word "TWITTER" -- I really do see only what I want to see...but then again, I've never IM'd, never been on a facebook, and have only been on Blondesense Liz's myspace (pretty cool). I'm so out of touch.

I am now well informed about "TWITTER" after having read this piece over at AlterNet by a veteran Twitter hater (a "twater") Alexander Zaitchick:

Twitter Nation Has Arrived: How Scared Should We Be?

Twitter provides the closest thing most people will ever get to their very own paparazzi or reality show, a trail of imagined eyes on their every move, thought and taste....

...Twitter brings us within sight of an apotheosis of those aspects of American culture that have become all too familiar in recent years: look-at-me adolescent neediness, constant-contact media addiction, birdlike attention-span compression and vapidity to the point of depravity. When 140 characters is the ascendant standard size for communication and debate, what comes next? Seventy characters? Twenty? The disappearance of words altogether, replaced by smiley-face and cranky-crab emoticons?

Wiki has a well written page about Twitter.

I guess I'm gonna have to step into this black hole and check it out.

Do any of our readers 'tweet'?

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