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Thursday, February 19

Skip to ma' Lou, ma' Darlin'

From another nutter:

I’m sure I heard it somewhere…there were WMD in Iraq – POSITIVELY ID’d by the Bush people. But some of us crazies, excuse me, nutters, called the Powers That Be on it and were called conspiracy theorists.

There was a small article in the papers and on TV a while back about a CIA agent being outed by the Bush people (which Cheney and some guy named Libby were involved with, but denied) and the press said it wasn’t so; and some of us idiots, excuse me, nutters, called them out on it and we were pooh poohed and called crackpots, unpatriotic and conspiracy theorists.

Some time a few years back, some pictures were released of torture going on in Iraq by American Soldiers. But of course, when some of us who have “crazy ravings” commented that it was really happening, we were called conspiracy theorists and unpatriotic.

When it was discovered, sorry, “leaked” that prisoners were being mistreated at Gitmo and that some were being held because they blew their noses wrong, a number of really cogent types called us unpatriotic and conspiracy theorists.

When it was revealed, sorry, insinuated that news was being “fed” to the media like so much propaganda, from the Bush Administration and the media were complicit, some of us were called crazy radicals and conspiracy theorists.

When some from the left suggested that there were reports the U.S. of A. tortured prisoners and ignored the Geneva Convention and the heroes of the anti conspiracy theorists cheered the denials of the always truthful Bush Regime, and some of us called bull shit, we were called conspiracy theorists and unpatriotic.

When information became apparent that the 2 billion dollar war in Iraq JUST MIGHT COST a couple of dollars more and a rather intelligent commenter (who used to write comments on this blog) wrote some evil insinuations here and on his blogs that we were headed for some deep financial shit which some of us conspiracy theorists believed (which was laughed at by those who thought they were in the know)then came true, calling us (and him) conspiracy theorists or crazies or nutters or whatever the 3rd grade verbal insult of the day is, just might have been premature, or at least immature. (Doncha luv long convoluted sentences? Or will that be the next item to attack? Oh! Sorry. My bad. They already have been attacked!)

When the same extremely well informed individual successfully prognosticated the current economic crisis well ahead of 99% of the other so-called well informed pundits to the laughter of the insulting rabble, he and we were called crazies and conspiracy theorists for believing him because the economy was so strong. How dare anyone criticize that; and on a blog, too…where little lambs romp through ever changing patterns of pretty text and pictures, just like real life. Blue Skies, nothing but Blue Skies…do some see!

I guess I could go on but if my point hasn’t been absorbed by some with dry sponges for brains, there’s no use continuing.

Now we’re admonished for not posting all the “good times stuff.” The kind of stuff that Fox News claimed the other media, sorry THE media didn’t report. I guess we just post the bad stuff when there’s all these really swell stories out there that for conspiratorial reasons a few of us choose to keep repressed from those with their rose colored glasses who read this blog.

The above post is an effort at being a Democrat, a dumb one nevertheless, but a Democrat. We listen to the rabble on the right (and those political and pretend realist indigents from our own side) and try to be nice rather than calling some who disagree with what we post, names because they want to live in a make-believe world of cotton candy and Caribou Barbie Dolls and Jack Armstrongs. Heaven forbid we post something that doesn’t make everyone who reads this blog or any other, happy all the

It’s like newspapers. Lots of really swell Ozzie and Harriet stories on the front page, and many of them turn out to be true and many false. Well, maybe not the FRONT page but somewhere in the paper. But they are reported. Some people don’t read the newspapers anymore because there’s too much negativity in them. They read the sports, yeah, no troubling stories there. Or maybe the home section with the latest stories about things most of us can’t afford. That gets my morning going! Of course, there’s always the comics. Read them enough and you’ll be convinced that life is that big bowl of cherries that the people in charge the last few years have been feeding those like you.

No, let’s just read about the good things and those in power will take real good care of us. Over this last month there have been posts about copyright infringement, gun control, New Year’s Resolutions, subs colliding, a number of science and astronomy items, some really great personal reflections, religious articles and some funny shit. But that’s not good enough for at least one person. That one person is upset because he or she has to read something he or she doesn’t like reading for whatever reason. I can hear the tiny violin playing now. And it seems rather personal, too, the attacks. Reminiscent of a former commenter here who knew
everything there was to know about everything under the sun.

Maybe George Carlin’s advice should be considered! And for the record, it’s Tyme, not Thyme, for the reading and comprehension impaired. And why is it that anyone should have to answer to you so you don’t think they’re crazy? You really aren’t nearly as important as you must think you are…because you read this blog?

Next “Thyme” I’ll pretend I’m a Republican and respond as they do. How ‘bout that…ma’ darling?

Oh, if you’re looking for good times stuff (sorry, Jimmy doesn’t do that show any more) here are some sites you might want to bookmark for the next time you feel in a particularly insulting mood. They seem to be what you’re really after.

Of course, I could be wrong.

Sesame Street
Mr. Roger's Neighborhood

P.S. Please reread the post about the heroin. You seem to be the only one who doesn't understand the way things work. Buy cheap, store then sell high when the price rises. But I guess that's just a little to complex for ya. And they say men never stop to ask for directions...or instructions!

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