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Monday, February 2

Same old stuff in the news....

Every morning, I go around the internet to all the news sites and the exceptional bloggers websites looking for topical stories. Lately, it's just been whining and moaning about Obama not living up to his pledges as if anyone in their right mind actually believed that a politician would actually live up to their campaign promises. Personally, I don't feel let down because I wasn't all that optimistic in the first place. I am just so happy that John McCain's slap in the face to Americans, Sarah Palin is nowhere near the WH.

What struck me in the news this morning though was that there is now a Mexican velvet painting of America's unlikely hero du jour, Joe the Plumber, up for sale at Ebay for only $250. It's part of the "A Modern American Media Martyr & American Tabloid Hero" series. There is also a series of Republicans. Personally, I like the Elvis ones, Jesus H. Christs, the scary clowns and of course Marilyn Monroe. You can check them all out here. I'm sorry I didn't find this before Christmas or before my birthday so that you all could do your shopping at this site.

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