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Thursday, February 26

Ron Paul to Ben Bernanke -- Testimony before House Financial Services Committee on 2/25/09

Watch this fantastic example of how our news anchors (here, in particular it's CNBC) are truly a bunch of idiots. Watch how they squirm their way out of the truth. It appears that these two weren't aware that Congressman Paul was up first. It's obvious they are upset (can't handle the truth? - yeah right...)

Watch Dr. Paul tell it like it is ...... (the first two minutes)

and then see a fine example of what TV news reporting REALLY REALLY is -- THE BIGGEST CROCK OF SHIT ever served up to the public.

here's their dialogue following Dr. Pauls statement -- UFB!


all right this is not going as planned


It. Is. Not.


we were told (ha ha, ha ha) it would be a very limited number of opening . gettingoutofcontrol.


yes it is....

HERE'S WHAT WE FORGOT! Everybody's taping this live --WHY would they miss an opportunity for free air time?? (gasp) -- GUESS WHAT (slapping hand down on desk!!) WE'RE TAKING A BREAK!!!!!


we're gonna take a commercial break....get them out of the way so that when something REAL substantive is happening we're gonna have to interrupt then


substantive - having a firm basis in reality and therefore important, meaningful, or considerable :defining rights and duties as opposed to giving the rules by which such things are established.

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