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Thursday, February 26

The paper holds their folded faces to the floor...

It's interesting to keep up with the loonies that are going to be the darlings of the GOP for 2012 at the very same time our new president is trying to get acclimated to his new gig. While Sarah Palin is still the gift that keeps on giving, Bobby Jindal, Gov of Louisiana is a fascinating study.

Max Blumenthal has a piece about Jindal's 'secret' past. Apparently this is old news and has been published before, but I found it interesting because I was out of the loop.

Jindal boasts of exorcising a demon spirit from a girl friend in college. She had reeked of sulphur wherever she went. It appears that Jindal came to Catholicism through what we in the biz call "the back door, " as he was caught up in all the supernatural stuff which is not quite what makes for a fabulous "Christian" (or Catholic for that matter.) He claimed that for a time when he tried to pray, he felt a force bearing down on him making it hard for him to breathe. It sounds more like a psychological issue, but who am I to judge? I'll be keeping an eye on him because he may just be the south's answer to Sarah Palin. The story is definitely worth a perusal.

See also Gov. Jindal Follow-up: What Is 'Volcano Monitoring'?
Apparently Bobby Jindal criticized government spending on volcano monitoring and other projects by the US Geological Survey. You would think that being governor of a state that was ravaged by natural disasters, he would look into things like this before opening his mouth.

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